A Travel Guide To Stockholm – Sodermalm Restaurants

People wanting to travel to Stockholm may have read my first article where I described the city in a more historical and geographical perspective. This one will focus on the city district of Sodermalm, the southern part or island of Stockholm, and some restaurants in that area that may deserve a visit. Swedes in general are very international people, not scared of trying new things and do not have stubborn ideas of what food and drink should taste or look like. This is a good thing and thankfully means that the variety of restaurants is virtually endless, giving you a wide choice for dining.

On Gotgatan in the northern area of Sodermalm there is a small shopping mall called Bruno. It is easy to find as it is right on top of the hill. Inside in the centre area is a place called Ljunggren. This place has two main areas; a long bar area in the middle of the mall where people travel for after work beer and drinks and an inner table area which is the restaurant. The setting is modern and trendy and the specialty is Asian food. I would recommend booking a table in advance and try to arrive an hour or so early to hang out in the bar for a drink or two before dinner. The menu offer dishes from all over Asia like noodles, curries and a large variety of sushi. The service is very friendly and prices are, I would say, medium.

If you are the mood for Italian, one of the most respected and raved about Italian place on Sodermalm is called Lo Scudetto. People travel into town from the suburbs to eat here. It is located in the eastern part of Sodermalm, on Asogatan 163, and offers a greatly varied menu with both classics and unfamiliar dishes. The interior is cozy with a slightly fiftyish ambiance with black and white photographs on the walls combined with proper white table cloths. An excellent wine list accompanies the menu and I would really recommend choosing something from their collection of Toscana wines. Service is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.

If you really are a food connoisseur and do not mind spending a little more to receive that special experience, Gondolen (the Gondola) is the place to go. The place is looks like a giant catwalk that sits thirty three meters up above the rooftops right next to the water between Sodermalm and the northern districts. Visitors who travel here in the summer want to take the elevator from the base to the roof where you sit outside and get served grilled dishes while taking in the magnificent view of Stockholm in all directions. Take the stairs down to enter the core of the restaurant and wonder over the impressive a la carte menu. The prices are even higher than the place itself so backpackers may be content with a beer or two in the bar.

If you feel adventurous and want to a Swedish culinary experience, KB is the choice. This place, located on Smalandsgatan 7, opened its doors in the thirties and has not changed much since. The clientele is a mix of artists (some of whose paintings decorate the walls), journalists and culture buffs. The setting wonderfully intimate but at the same time professional with a classic Swedish menu consisting of fish, different cuts of meat and different desserts. Try the crème brûlée with rosehip, it’s to die for.